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Shopping Guide

Japanese knife are typically known for their premium quality and razor sharpness. However, authentic Japanese knife normally cost above $200. Such price makes it hard for most of the customers to afford.

Sensei Dragon® Knife solve this pain point by combining quality and affordability. It offer not only similar level of quality in terms of edge sharpness, steel quality and aesthetic pattern, but also a very affordable price level ranging from $40 ~ $80. It is perfect for someone who have cutlery need but won't spend $200 on a kitchen knife.

You do need to note that Sensei Dragon® Knife are not made only in Japan. Some of our collection series are made in China. However, they use Japanese VG10/AUS10 steel and share similar level of craftsmanship. You will find our knives to be as sharp and hard as most of the Japanese knife at $100 ~$200 range. All our knife set comes with premium packaging and can be a great gift for anyone who has cutlery passion.

Our original Sensei collection is for people who want to start trying out Japanese kitchen knife to see the improvement compared to a normal knife. It is appropriate mostly for home use.

Our Feng and Xinzuo collection is our high end knife collection not just for home use but also for professional kitchen. It shared similar level of sharpness, hardness and durability with traditional Japanese knife.